I'm a Tenure-track, Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at California State University, Long Beach. You can view my philosophical lineage here.

I'm a first-generation college student, committed to making other non-traditional students feel like they belong in the classroom.

ngl.philosophy [at] gmail [dot] com


Spring 2020

101: The Meaning of Life

160: Introduction to Ethics

496/596: Sexual Metaphysics

498H (cont.): Non-Binary Gender Identity

498H (cont.): Sexual Orientation

599: Naturalism and Normative Thought

599: Philosophical Anarchism

Fall 2019

101: The Meaning of Life

496/596: Normativity in a Natural World

498H: Non-Binary Gender Identity

498H: Sexual Orientation


Most of my research to date has been in metaethics, but I also have strong interests in social philosophy and the philosophy of mind.

The unifying thread of my research is an interest in how metaphysical debates about the nature of ethical, social, and phenomenal properties can be obscured or illuminated by our views, often unstated, about the concepts we use to think about such properties.